Twin Magic on Stage

Identical Twins and clean comedy magic combine for a two-of-a-kind stage experience! 
Mitchell and Michael take full advantage of the identical twin aspect and because of this you’ll see many routines in their shows that are unique to them. Another benefit to any Double Vision performance is that audience participation is a large part of every show. Check out Canada's Got Talent appearance below as well.
Get ready for an evening of twins, magic, clean comedy, mind reading and laughter! 

Strolling Magic (In Stereo)

Double Vision's incredible "In Stereo" strolling magic is a perfect ice-breaker that will be remembered for a very long time. It's like an individual, private show for each group of people they perform for.  
When you experience magic happening in your own hands, you'll know why Mitchell and Michael have won awards for their sleight of hand magic. Hospitality suites and cocktail hours are the perfect venues for strolling magic.

Trade Shows

Something that Double Vision specializes in is combining a company's sales message with their magic. 
Double Vision draws crowds to your booth by using magic as the magnet to stop people who would otherwise simply walk past. They hold the crowd there for a reasonable length of time (10-12 minutes), and impart enough information to whet their buying appetites.
Increasing the traffic, leads and sales is the main focus of what Double Vision does for companies at trade shows. Contact us for information on what Double Vision can do for your company at sales meetings and trade shows.


Twin Magic and Clean Comedy ... Bring your attendees something they've never seen before. Canada's only identical twin magic and comedy act. Using their "Twiness" and "in stereo" presentations, they create a buzz around your fair.  Stage shows, strolling...unique, marketable and easy to work with. Become a part of Twinstory.